If humanity has one binding thread, it is quite possibly the weather. It is our shared experience. We can talk about it with complete strangers. We check it all the time. It shapes each of our days and can quickly bring them to a screeching halt when the snow starts flying or the wind starts whipping. But weather is also how we are connected to the climate and the ways in which it’s changing. It is how the greater forces of the atmosphere come home to roost in our daily lives.

Understanding the climate means understanding our weather. And that’s where we come in. WXshift is a comprehensive weather site, delivering everything you’d ever want to know about the weather right now, tomorrow or seven days from now. But we also bring you the larger context of climate, which you can explore in local detail, just by entering your zip code, state or region.

Our meteorologists, climatologists, journalists and all the other “ists” we have hanging around Climate Central have joined together to provide accurate, timely information about weather and climate around the U.S. And if you think about it, weather and climate are the same — climate is simply weather over time.

Or as our chief meteorologist Bernadette Woods Placky likes to say, climate is the future of weather and WXshift makes that connection as clear as a sunny day right on your computer screen or smartphone.

This is a labor of love for us, a product of two years of work and a lot of data crunching. We are excited to share the results with you, every day, rain or shine.

Got a question? You can ask a met.

Looking to plan your next vacation? Check local climate trends to decide where you want to go and the weather forecast to decide what to pack.

Want to know how climate change is affecting you? Take a local look or find out about disappearing Arctic sea ice. (Hint: it affects you in more ways than you think.)

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