Rising Seas

Global sea level rise since 1880.


Rising Seas

  • Jul 7, 2013

By Climate Central

Quick Facts:

  •   Sea level overall is eight inches higher today on average than it was in 1900.
  •   Locally, the rise may be lower or higher depending on geology, ocean currents, and other factors.
  •   A larger portion of the rise so far comes from water expanding as the ocean temperature has increased.
  •   Experts expect the rise to accelerate as melting ice adds extra water to the seas.
  •   Higher sea level will make high tides and storm surges more damaging. 

For more information on sea level rise, explore our Surging Seas project, which in addition to fact sheets, response plans, and helpful links, features an interactive map that allows you to search by city, state or zip code to track the risk of flooding in your area.


This originally appeared on Climate Central.