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Each of the lower 48 states is having one of its 10 hottest years on record.


Every State Had a Top 10 Hottest Year

  • Dec 7, 2016

By Climate Central

Like the previous two years, 2016 is on pace to be the hottest year on record globally. In the U.S., the average temperature for the year is on track to be the second hottest in 122 years of records. In this analysis, we drilled down to the local level and examined how hot each of these cities has been in 2016 through the end of November.


An analysis of U.S. cities shows more than half are having one of their 5 hottest years on record

Additionally, our analysis of more than 1,750 stations across the country indicates:

  • 99 percent of the stations have an average year-to-date temperature higher than their historical median temperature
  • 13 percent of those stations are having their hottest year on record
  • 51 percent of those stations are having one of their 5 hottest years on record

The Southeast drought that began during the summer worsened this fall. Despite beneficial rain in the last week of November, three states (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina) still had one of their 10 driest Novembers on record, contributing to the eruption of wildfires earlier this month.


This originally appeared on Climate Central.