snowpack trend

This year’s early spring snowpack in the West is higher than previous years, but remains on a long-term downward trend.


Despite Gains, Western Snowpack Trending Downward

  • Apr 4, 2016

By Climate Central

The first of April is the end of the wet season across the West, the time of year when the region gets most of its precipitation. As such, it is a good time to take inventory of the snowpack in the mountains. The snow readings are important during this time of the year, as several locations depend on the meltwater from that snowpack for drinking water and irrigation through the drier and hotter summer months. It also serves as a long-term measurement, as in a warming world, the spring snowpack will melt more quickly as summer nears.

While the western snowpack levels have improved over last year’s dismally low levels overall, there are still places below average in Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico.


This originally appeared on Climate Central.