Brisk Wind Ushers in a Tumbleweed Takeover in Montana

On Wednesday afternoon, the people of Montana welcomed their new tumbleweed overlords.

A dispatch from Bozeman captures the early moments of the invasion. A brisk wind swept out of the west, spurring on the horde of spherical interlopers across farmland and a frozen lake. 


Some good Ol’ Apocalypse Weather.

Insane. The temp dropped 19 F in as many minutes and there had to be thousands of Tumbleweeds. (For licensing or usage, contact

Posted by Tom Forwood Jr on Wednesday, December 9, 2015


The roar of the breeze hid the sound of their march across the plains. Weather records show that winds gusted to 52 mph and temperatures dropped to 37°F from 51°F in the span of 8 minutes.

The arrival of the tumbleweed legion was swift and their takeover complete. The one hope for Montanans to escape its grasp rides on a storm crossing the state today. Winter weather warnings and advisories indicate areas of widespread snow, which could freeze out the tumbleweed army, sending them to a fate similar to Napoleon’s Russian winter.