“Hurricane” Hal Needham is a storm surge scientist who specializes in data-driven storm surge analysis. He is the founder and president of Marine Weather and Climate.

We’re Mapping Flooded Streets In Real Time. Here’s How to Help

  • Aug 29, 2017

Galveston-based Tailwind Labs and Marine Weather and Climate have launched the U-Flood Project to provide near real-time mapping of flooded streets during Hurricane Harvey.

The project provides a crowdsourced mapping platform for the Houston metro area, as well as the I-45 corridor, Galveston, Beaumont-Port Arthur, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Real-time mapping is crucial right now as first responders are still in rescue mode trying to locate and save flood victims.

U-Flood Project

Here’s how you can help:

Map it

Click on a city image and start mapping flooded streets. Even if you just map the street in front of your house, the collective effort of thousands of users will construct a near-real time map of current flooding!

Tell others

Tell everyone you know to use U-Flood on their phones or computers.


Please consider donating to this project on Patreon so we can keep expanding our resources as this catastrophe unfolds. We have a donate button on the bottom of the U-Flood homepage. Even a $10 gift will help so much!

Thank you!

-Hurricane Hal